Thursday, September 12, 2013

Access and Institutional Wealth

This data visualization shows the relationship between draw rate (yield/admit) on the x-axis (it's a measure of market position) and percent of students with Pell Grants on the y-axis.

The size of the bubble is institutional wealth (larger is wealthier) and the color shows the spread between the percentage of students with no institutional aid (aka full-pay) and those with Pell. (Pell grants are awarded to students with the most financial need, usually coming from families that make less than $60,000 per year.) Red shows a dominance of full-pay, wealthier students, and green shows the opposite. This is interactive, so you can play with it if you'd like.

Comments and questions below, please. This shows about 1.200 Private, not-for-profit institutions. All Data is 2012 IPEDS, which is not adjudicated. Responsibility for accuracy lies with the institution.

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